We prepare you for real-world situations

If the number of violent attacks seems overwhelming, consider the speed of most attacks. The majority of people are unaware that you have just 5 seconds to react to an attack before you become a victim.

We make sure you are able to respond and disable an attacker within those precious 5 seconds. We teach you how to react mentally, physically, and immediately. The goal is always to escape, if possible. So our instruction focuses on what to do to make those 5 seconds count.

Once you have the confidence that you can successfully defend yourself if attacked, that confidence undoubtedly will carry over into other aspects of your life.

How we’re different from other martial arts/self-defense teachers:

Having studied and become proficient in many martial arts styles, I’ve taken what I consider the best of each of them to design what I call “reality-based self-defense training.”

To me, it’s not important for students to attain belt rankings in some time-honored martial arts.

All I care about is your safety. I want to help my students do exactly what is necessary for them to survive a physical attack. Here are other ways in which we differ from other instructors.

Self Defense for Smart Women

What we are:

  • • We are focused solely on your safety and survival—We know that you have only 5 seconds to respond to an attack before you become a victim. So we teach you how to meet and/or counter the threat and get away.
  • • We are here to teach you regardless of your age, fitness level, or physical abilities.
  • • We teach you how to calm yourself by using visual aids and music.
  • • We are committed to customizing self-defense training based on your needs—We strengthen your ability to do what you physically can do; we also show you alternatives to moves you are unable to perform.

What we’re not:

    Self Defense for Smart Women
  • • We’re not a fitness or exercise studio—We encourage students to be as fit as they can be before and while they study self-defense. It’s always better to have the stamina to put up at least a one-minute fight with an attacker and to get away from him quickly.

    However, a certain level of fitness is not required for you to study and learn how to defend yourself in the event of an attack.
  • • We’re not a program designed for children—We encourage women to study self-defense along with their teenage children—especially if they have daughters. We also encourage teens to study self-defense on their own. However, we don’t offer classes or martial arts birthday parties for younger children.
  • • We’re not focused on sports competition—We don’t give out badges or participate in contests between students in the class or competitions with students who study elsewhere.
  • • We’re not selling you any merchandise—You don’t need any special uniforms or clothing. Wear what’s comfortable and allows you to move freely.

How we work with you

The reason we teach self-defense classes is that we know it’s not enough to read an article or watch a video in order to know how to defend yourself.

Watching a self-defense video may help you remember one or two moves that might be helpful should you need them. However, you have only 5 seconds to react before you become a crime statistic. There’s no time to stop and ask yourself, “What was it that I’m supposed to do?”

We’ll teach you the techniques you need to master—We want you to feel confident that you can handle yourself and disable an attacker if and when you need to.

We’ll reinforce everything you learn—and practice the techniques over and over. That’s the only way that your reactions will become second-nature.

We believe in limiting class size—Unlike many martial arts or self-defense programs, we do not teach large groups. We work with individuals and with small groups—typically 4 people at a time. That way, we have the opportunity to give each student the individualized attention that she (or he) deserves.

We meet as often as you would like—I do, however, believe that you need at least 3 sessions to master an effective response to a violent encounter.

We’re located conveniently on Long Island—But we’re happy to offer training at any location that you choose.

We do not require any special clothing. We suggest that you train in comfortable clothing such as yoga pants and a top, or even sweats and a T-shirt, if you like. However, business attire is also an option because you can be attacked during the course of your workday.

We begin each session with mindfulness techniques, such as breathing, to help you calm your mind and body, and start with awareness.

Our sessions last for one hour.